Bandung Design Biennale 2017

Bandung Design Biennale was held in a venue where I never went to before : Gudang Selatan. The second I arrived at the parking lot, I was underestimating of how the exhibition would perform well in this venue? And seriously, how interesting Bandung Biennale could be?

Right after I stepped my feet into the building, I was in a total awe (only the venue itself, I haven’t talk about the event just yet). Gudang Selatan is very cool, and very funky, and very accesible to hang out! My expectations for Bandung Biennale then changed drastically, and thank God the exhibition were none less than my expectation.

Bandung Biennale exhibited stuffs from art-producing houses that are based in Bandung. Turns out few of my favourite products’ packaging were produced in one of those art-producing houses. Not only product’s packaging, but also home-living stuffs like living room lamps, wooden chairs, decorations, etc. Look how cute is this local-handmade lamp.

Aside from homeliving and products’ packaging, the art-producing houses are surely filled with genius ideas of art. All things that needed a touch of arts’ were worked whole-heartedly to become pretty and very valuable stuffs. The layout of the exhibition was so simple, the artsy stuffs were all put in the floor (with support of white wooden board given for each art-producing house). Maybe that way was to prevent unintentional destructive acts from the visitors whose sometimes touch this and that and not knowing how precious the stuffs that are we currently dealing with. Here are some photos that I took in the exhibition.

This photo below were my favourite stuffs in the exhibitions. Eventhough I quite don’t understand what is the meaning of the arts in those stuffs, the color palette annnd tiny cute sizes just caught my eyes.

Not only was the stuffs that excite me, but outside the building, there is a garden for visitors to rest a bit. And guess what, there was a video mapping in front of the bush of leaves, the video mapping was changing periodically (every appx 3 minutes) and each of them were so beautiful under the night sky.

In short, Bandung Biennale 2017 satisfied me more than enough!

Written By: Fadhila Astari

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